The Operating System of The Holy Spirit

Last update: 2007-10-11
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Are you living in Europe? Then you should visit, read and understand the material presented at this site. It is all about software patents in Europe. Because this project is developed in Europe, a failure to stop software patents in Europe will result in immediate shutdown of this project, because I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a prison.

Project status

Current development speed: Totally halted
Current project status: Documenting the project vision

Current development status

Currently I need to design the core functionality of the OSHS system (more info here). More specifically I need to design the part of this core functionality that deals with processes and their communication and also the core OSHS protocols used to basic things like file I/O and similar. Once this is done and done properly, these things should never change (only get extended). This will allow OSHS software to run on top of other operating systems without any changes

Another thing I need to design is a new system integration language that will meet the criteria of the OSHS project. This system integration language will declare a standard of how to write software for OSHS so that users can easily compile and install. There is no such thing with acceptable quality More info about what I currently have is here. The bad news for this is that there are no things to build on them or to reuse for this problem. All efforts to solve this software integration problem are either of very poor quality (for example in Windows a great deal of the software integration work is offloaded to the software installer), inflexible or badly off course due to extremely obsolete design of some core tools needed for the software integration (for example the RPM system's build process and its spec file must deal with obsolete design of the compiler(s) used and the extremely obsolete UNIX build system called make which ages back to days when computers had 64KiB (yes, KILObytes) of system RAM).

Even when the OSHS project is in the planning stage now, there is something you may find interesting: